Xuaner Zhang1, Ren Ng1, Qifeng Chen2
1UC Berkeley, 2HKUST
CVPR, 2018

cvpr 2018 paper figure Abstract

We present an approach to separating reflection from a single image. The approach uses a fully convolutional net- work trained end-to-end with losses that exploit low-level and high-level image information. Our loss function includes two perceptual losses: a feature loss from a visual perception network, and an adversarial loss that encodes characteristics of images in the transmission layers. We also propose a novel exclusion loss that enforces pixel-level layer separation. We create a dataset of real-world images with reflection and corresponding ground-truth transmission layers for quantitative evaluation and model training. We validate our method through comprehensive quantitative experiments and show that our approach outperforms state-of-the-art reflection removal methods in PSNR, SSIM, and perceptual user study. We also extend our method to two other image enhancement tasks to demonstrate the generality of our approach.


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Both synthetic and real dataset are now available here


If you use our code or data, please cite:

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