Xuaner (Cecilia) Zhang,  Ren Ng UC Berkeley
Jonathan T. Barron,  Yun-Ta Tsai,  Rohit Pandey,  Xiuming Zhang,  David E. Jacobs Google & Google Research

These images are processed with both shadow removal and softening, notice that the foreign shadow is removed, highlights are surpressed, and additional light for the darker side of the face.

These images are processed with only shadow removal.


Casually-taken portrait photographs often suffer from unflattering lighting and shadowing because of suboptimal conditions in the environment. Aesthetic qualities such as the position and softness of shadows and the lighting ratio between the bright and dark parts of the face are frequently determined by the constraints of the environment rather than by the photographer. We present a computational approach that gives casual photographers control to manipulate shadows and lighting on portraits, allowing poorly lit faces to be relit post-capture in a realistic and controllable way.



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