Ewha Womans University

Cecilia Zhang ☕
Ewha Womans University

Shot in Fujifilm X-T20. f/8.0, 1/750, ISO 400.

I wanted to capture both this "campus valley" and its surrounding cityscape, bringing in both views of academia and industry, and blurring the line of college students stepping into the real world.

I've longed to visit Ewha Womans University -- Korea's first educational institute for women. The name "Ewha" means "Pear Blossoms", suggesting its elegance and feminine. As I entered the gate of the university, I was amazed by its surreal landscape, especially its well-known buried building that goes down instead of up. As Perrault, the architect who designs this building, puts it "sometimes building, sometimes landscape, sometimes sculpture."

The campus is not big, or at least it is "walkable". The uphills remind me of Berkeley, but with even more greens. Many of the campus buildings are hidden among tall trees, giving a sense of mystery and charm.

I spent the entire morning walking around the campus. I passed by a group of students dressed in dance uniforms, young, bright and confident. It made me happy.